Beyond the Site: Archaeological Workout

What does the “Ladies in Blue” fresco of Knossos have in common with paintings of Gustav Klimt?

What feelings does the myth of the Minotaur create in us?

What does Knossos have to do with what is considered to be “Europe” today?

What does archaeology have to do with playing?

This workshop probes at such questions - through artistic, architectural and gaming approaches - encouraging us to transition from being “visitors” to becoming participants in an archaeological site.In the workshop participants are invited to explore a space of creative games and installations (some digital, some hand-made) around the site of Knossos. Part of the workshop is also a guided path through a digital interpretation of the reconstitution of Knossos, based on the drawings of Arthur Evans.

A collective discussion brings together participants to exchange thoughts and reflections from the games, as well as engage in a more general conversation on alternative ways of “accessing” and “entering” archaeological sites.

In these games, Knossos is an entrance point for a wider discussion around issues of history, archaeology, place, identity, the past and the present (and the future) in the now.

The digital games have been created in the context of research by the Media Art Innovation division of ISL at NCSR Demokritos. This workshop takes place in the context of Archaeological Dialogues 2016 and is the second public presentation of the project in-progress.

Workshop Coordinator: Christina Thomopoulos

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